In May, AMO was honored to participate in two prominent beauty industry events in China: the Mevos International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine and the China Beauty Expo (CBE). These prestigious gatherings brought together top-notch professionals, including over 300 renowned leaders in medical aesthetics and more than 40 beauty companies from various countries and regions. The objective was to discuss cutting-edge technological advancements, academic progress, and market trends within the cosmetics industry. It became evident that precision treatment, highly valued in the medical field, is now gaining significant traction in beauty products. In light of this, the FF-OCT Cellular Skin Perspective System emerges as an innovative solution, offering a fresh approach to “scientific skincare” from multiple perspectives, effectively ingratiating diverse skincare needs.

The FF-OCT Cellular Skin Perspective System leverages the power of AI quantification capabilities to deliver accurate analysis and precise measurements of vital skin parameters. These include skin thickness, spot melanin levels, collagen fibers, and pigment cell activation. By having these valuable analyses, individuals are empowered to make well-informed decisions when selecting their skin care products, enhancing their confidence in the efficacy of their chosen regimen. For instance, if the FF-OCT Cellular Skin Perspective System detects an excessively thickened stratum corneum, impeding the absorption of essences, it can suggest incorporating exfoliating products alongside other essences to maximize effectiveness. Similarly, in cases where individuals apply a whitening essence without experiencing visible results, the FF-OCT Cellular Skin Perspective System can quantifiably measure the reduction of melanin, providing tangible evidence to allay doubts and strengthen trust in the product. Moreover, for those who utilize anti-aging essences and seek to understand the condition of collagen fibers on their face, the FF-OCT Cellular Skin Perspective System allows for observation of collagen fiber appearance, establishing scientific evidence for long-term monitoring to maintain a youthful and beautiful complexion effectively.

By enabling individuals to comprehend their skin condition through a scientific lens, the FF-OCT Cellular Skin Perspective System facilitates the precise selection of suitable skincare products based on evidence. AMO remains steadfast in its dedication to the fields of “precision medicine” and “precision medical aesthetics” and will continue to introduce novel “scientific skincare” solutions in the future.

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