The groundbreaking ApolloVue®S100 has made a great impression among Chinese dermatology experts, marking a significant milestone in the field. As the largest organ of the human body, the skin presents a myriad of complex diseases that demand diverse and precise treatment approaches. Leveraging the latest technological advancements, AMO proudly introduces the ApolloVue® S100 (FF-OCT), a revolutionary skin diagnostic tool poised to transform dermatological practices.


The ApolloVue® S100 (FF-OCT) is designed to provide dermatologists with cellular-level OCT images that rival traditional pathological slides and cellular-level cross-sectional images. This technological marvel significantly enhances the learning curve for dermatologists by offering unparalleled insights into skin conditions. The device has already captured the attention of numerous dermatology experts, igniting vibrant discussions and sharing of insights.


Central to this innovation is the meticulously prepared skin disease atlas, now considered an essential reference for practitioners and learners alike. This comprehensive resource includes clinical photographs and OCT images, facilitating comparative analysis of skin diseases such as skin cancer, Bowen’s disease, and psoriasis. The richness of content opens up new dimensions within dermatology, pushing the boundaries of knowledge.


Beyond its imaging capabilities, the ApolloVue® S100 (FF-OCT) boasts powerful software functions that calculate critical metrics, including skin thickness, melanin levels, and collagen fiber values. These quantitative insights are pivotal in accurate diagnosis and effective treatment strategies, making the device indispensable for future dermatologists.


The recent Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of Dermatology (CSD) served as a platform for seasoned dermatologists to share invaluable insights into FF-OCT. Discussions ranged from the evolution of skin imaging technology to aesthetic applications, enriching attendees with a profound understanding. AMO’s commitment to future advancements is palpable, as the company eagerly anticipates upcoming milestones and seeks collaboration with clinical dermatologists to advance the dermatology field collectively, ultimately benefiting a broader spectrum of patients.


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